Wow! We took the dogs into town today, and Luca was so good. He is definitely a better dog. Thank you.
Denise A.
Manchester Center, Vermont
Thank you for the session with Sinatra and Haya-ji. Even though Sinatra told you it would take him a while to get past his issues, I have already seen an improvement in him. Before your visit he had been very lethargic, slept a great deal, and ate very little. Now he is up and walking around, eating more, and playing a bit more each day. He has even gone so far as to sleep on the bed with me for a bit, which is something he rarely ever did. I can only imagine how much more Sinatra is going to improve over the next few months. Thank you so much.
Mary L.
Albany, NY
Your visit was so great for all of us. I thank you immensely for your services! Winky is happier. The insistent caterwauling has greatly lessened. Since your visit both of the boys take Winky more seriously. Hopper, especially, has shown a stronger sensitivity to other animals as well. You have had a ripple effect. Imagine. We can make a difference in the world. One person at time.
Brooke M.
Schenectady, NY
Your communication with our two dogs, Bubba and Phoenix, was extremely helpful. I can't begin to tell you what a profound impact it had on all of us. Bubba was able to be with us for many weeks after that and we were able to put him down with peace in our hearts. He taught us much about letting go.
Jennifer H
Albany, NY
What a pleasure it was getting to share the knowledge you're gifted with perceiving. What you told me about Faith and Otis was "dead on." Thank you for coming into our lives and sharing your gifts. I feel like you were an angel sent to me at a time I really needed one.
Tricia S.
Grand Cayman, British West Indies
What a great comfort it is to hear those kind words Damien offered through you. You have helped me to see Damien's life and death as something beautiful to learn and grow from. Grief is the price we pay for love. Thank you for reminding me of that. I hope to speak to you again. Many Thanks.
Nancy F.
Keene, NH
Bob and I want to thank you very much for communicating messages from our big dog Max last week. Our reflections of that conversation really help us in these days of sadness and grief. You are absolutely amazing! Not only did you immediately bring up the exact cause of Max's illness; you hit on so many things that convinced us Max was really talking to us. So many things you said were so reflective of Max's demeanor and spirit. We cannot thank you enough for helping us to confirm that yes, our animal companions do live on in another form. I have already recommended you to others, and hope to consult with you again in the future. Each day he and I are doing a bit better, particularly because we are so comforted from the very special experience you allowed us last week. With our deepest gratitude...
Pam K.
Easton, CT
I have been telling my friends about our "session," how remarkable it was, and how wonderful I feel about the entire experience. I must admit that I am surprised at the degree of peace of mind I am enjoying now, thanks to you and your gifts. Thank you so much.
Sharon M.
Cohoes, NY
I feel the animals are very lucky to have you intercede for them. You have such a gentle, caring energy and I really appreciated the information you shared with me.
Josie B.
Bethlehem, NY
Thank you for choosing this path for your life's work; I'm sure it isn't easy and that you must face a lot of skepticism. Please know that you fill a tremendous need to those of us who love animals and also those who only need someone like yourself to help them remember how connected we are to each living creature.
Ed and Robin P.
Schenectady, NY
I was very impressed with the way you quickly and accurately picked up on each of my animals' very distinct personalities. I learned much from the session we had with you. I believe that the animals really enjoyed it, too. I could feel the intensity of each of them paying attention and concentrating on what was going on. Your ability to connect with my animal family members and clearly convey their thoughts and feelings was wonderful. I also appreciated your obvious compassion and love of animals, as well as your understanding of them as spiritual beings. If the need or desire for another such session would arise, I would contact you without hesitation. I have also enthusiastically recommended your services to others.
Alison M.
Mishawaka, Indiana
Thank you so much for talking to me about Greycie, Bentley and Glorie. Your insight is unbelievable. You had all 3 of my dogs pegged exactly right. You are very talented and gifted. Thank you again.
Lisa L.
Rock Hill, SC
I want you to know how much I appreciate your help with Frank. I had been looking for someone like you for a long time to help with him. I honestly don't know what I would do right now without your support. With you I really feel like I have a caring advocate on my side. Thank you. I am very pleased with what we are seeing. Frank has been a joy lately. I am so glad you're doing this.
Roberta L.
Albany, NY
I want you to know how much I appreciate your help with Frank. I had been looking for someone like you for a long time to help with him. I honestly don't know what I would do right now without your support. With you I really feel like I have a caring advocate on my side. Thank you. I am very pleased with what we are seeing. Frank has been a joy lately. I am so glad you're doing this.
Roberta L
Albany, NY
Here's what happened after you left. Within two days they were already getting along better. The second day after your visit, I came home from work to find them both on the bed sleeping, just as they told you they would. This had never happened before! I felt better immediately after your visit. Thanks to you most of our conflicts have disappeared within a very short time.It was very successful and well worth the cost.
Brenda V
Albany, NY
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you what a great feeling I got from our visit today. One thing that was very significant to me this evening was this: after I arrived home from work and fed everyone, Angel was sitting in "her" room. I went in to say hi and pet her some, which is normal, however she usually excuses herself after a few pets and leaves the room. Tonight was the first time she hung around. She didn't leave! I do have a wonderful feeling of connection with my cats, and I thank you for taking the time with them today. You'll hear from me again soon. PS: I'd also like you to know how much it meant to both my mother and I that you were able to flex so she could be here today. Thank you for that too!
Jennifer F
Clifton Park, NY
She is doing well and her tolerance has increased. I am so happy this is working. She is more affectionate to me and this looks like a long term thing, and that's ok, too. Thanks so much for your help.
Annette L.
Tucson, AZ
You were so much help with CeCe. By the way, she has settled down and grown less aggressive and more confident. She was the first Airedale in the country to get her Rally Obedience title. Three shows in two days over New Years.
Chris S
Rochester, NY
David, You worked with my cat last Thursday. He doesn't seem quite as frantic as in the past. Yesterday, he acted as if he was about to urinate on the floor, but stopped immediately when I said his name assertively. He didn't urinate in any inappropriate places while I was at work today (he frequently used to do that when left alone.)
Dan K.
Albany, NY
Have to tell you once again, you are incredible. I have been putting the magnetic blanket on Rock and he loves it. And he is making progress. He is moving better and improving slowly. Even my husband, who is NOT a believer, says he sees it in his eyes that he likes it. So again I am telling you THANK YOU, and I am getting a lot of interest in having a seminar. You have given me and Rock a wonderful Christmas gift. Thank you so much.
Marty B
Rochester, NY
Hi David, Morgan got adjusted on Wednesday and pretty much everything was out, especially her back (she did have a really bad area in the middle of her back, just like you said.) Thanks again.
Donna B.
Rochester, NY
Dear David, Thank you so much for meeting with me at my house in Pittsfield, MA. My sister and myself were so lucky to meet an angel like you to help me with my bull mastiff, Boogie. Everything you said was the truth and now I do not have to worry anymore. Thank god I do not have to put Boogie down. He is doing great and back on his meds. I still have to look into some more things you told me. He is much happier and so is my whole family. Please let me know when you start your class so my sister and I can sign up. Love you and god bless.
Laurie M.
Pittsfield, MA
The day you read Spot, I took your advice and got her right to the vet. She was indeed dehydrated and running a temp. Three days later we put her down. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. She is missed terribly. I know there will never be another cat quite like Spot. Thank you for your help.
On her lost dog... I am BLOWN away by your comments. I have to confess, I am sitting here crying, because it all seems so absolutely right and so true. You are amazing. I wish I had your gift, because I can't tell you how much this means to me. I am just so amazed and happy that he's okay.
Jill C-W
Uniondale, NY
Hi Dave, I've been meaning to check in with you, but it's been hard for me so far to even write about Kaytee. The day after our conversation, I made the appointment to have her put down. The most amazing beautiful thing was that I honestly know that she knew that I was going to do this, and even that it was okay with her. I will recommend you to anyone in need of your services. I had heard before how good you were, and what impressed me the most was your instant response. You helped me when I reached out. For that may you be blessed a thousand fold.
Rev. P Jackson
Montpelier, Idaho
I wanted to thank you again for coming to my house and helping me with my dog. On Monday Roxanne passed away at our home in my arms. Luckily, she was doing ok up until Sunday night. Being the kind of dog/friend she was, she knew we could not have taken her to the vet; she did it on her own. As you had said, she just wanted to spend as much time as she could with me and that's exactly what I did this summer. I took her for a short walk, brought her on our boat with my husband; hugged her and gave her a LOT of love. I just wanted to let you know your thoughts really helped me this summer; and now in my sadness they comfort me. Thank you.
Kathy C-S
Rotterdam, NY
Dear David, I had a consultation with you this past Saturday in Keene. I wanted to thank you again for your insight. You have given me the boost I needed to do whatever it takes to heal both Sam and myself. Thank you again for your gift. I can't explain exactly how you shifted something in me, but I doubt I'm the first or last person to feel this way, so perhaps no words are needed. Blessings,
Keene, NH
On communicating with her cat... I feel our communication has never been this clear. Thanks again and again. It means so much to me and to her. I have learned so much from you and I am very grateful.
Pat H
Rensselaer, NY
I brought my Sheltie, Becky, to you at the training facility last fall. The insight I gained from you into Becky's "paranoia" has been very valuable in stabilizing her behavior. However, there is much room for improvement so I would like to schedule another reading with you while you are in Rochester. I just wanted to let you know that Zephyr and Lily are still eating well! Thank you so much for your help and I am sure hoping that things continue. Well, thank you so much for your help and guidance.
Sue E.
Rensselaer, NY
Just checking in with you about Mazzy. She seems to be making even more progress since we spoke. I was so surprised when you said that she would like to play fetch in the yard because I had tried many times in the past, but she wouldn't play. So I decided to try again. I was so amazed when she played fetch for almost a half hour straight, and now we go outside and play fetch every afternoon. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and thanks for your help.
Thank you for being so kind and helpful to my brother John. He received so much from your communication with Ozzie and Bandit. I thought of giving John the gift certificate because every Christmas Eve at midnight John has watched his furry friends to see if they would speak-after the legend of animals speaking at the nativity. On one level, he didn't expect them to, but the child in him could only dream. So I knew hearing them would be something he has wished for all his life. As you did for me, he also now knows he's been communicating with them too. Thank you so much.
We had the pleasure recently of a visit from David Louis, who communicated with our two rescue dogs. Our wonderful Willie, now 13 years old, was adopted from Pet Rescue more than 10 years ago, and Daisy, 6 years old, was rescued from a shelter 3 years ago. (They are both Shepherd mixes.) Watching the dogs' reactions to David was amazing! Daisy, who is very cautious with strangers, ran to the door when David arrived, jumped up onto him, and kissed him. Willie, who communicated to David that he is the neighborhood ambassador, (Everyone loves Willie. He is a very special spirit.) also told him how much he is loved by his family, and how grateful he is that we saved his life. With that, Willie got up from the floor, came over to me, gave me a kiss, and then went over to my husband to kiss him, before returning to David to continue his reading. When Willie's reading was completed, Daisy sat with David for hers. She told him of her fear of storms, and David explained to her that it's simply nature and that it cannot harm her. (Since then, Daisy has improved somewhat when it does storm.) Both dogs offered insights into their past, and they are both very happy with us and with each other. All in all, it was a wonderful experience.
Phyllis and Richard Karpp
Suffern, NY
Thank you for a wonderful phone session last evening. I still have lots to think about, everything you shared with me regarding ALL my pups is so beneficial in helping me heal and understand Molly and Maggie to the fullest. You truly possess an exceptional gift and I am so grateful that I was able to locate you. Thank you again.
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you communicating with Kahlua. After you talked to her and helped me to openly communicate with her, things have shifted. Jim did report to me that she willingly goes out with him and walks. Unbelievable! I am forever thankful for your gift.
Annette L
Virginia Beach, VA
Posted in the Hedgehog Fun Forum on Fri, 21 Mar 2003: David Louis ... came to visit today. Pinny, Meggie, Molly and I all tried out best to be good ambassadors for him to learn about hedgies and their slaves too. It was a great experience. Very positive. He talked with all three hedgies. (And also with Tiggy and Prickles in the great beyond. It was great to hear about them and their contentment.) Pinny and Meggie both came through to him in ways that coincided with previous contacts with Carol Schultz and Mary Baumstark. And it was so good to hear from Molly for the first time.
Naomi Wikane
Posted in The Furum: 02/28/05 Yesterday I went to a seminar sponsored by the obed[ience] school we go [to]. It was David Louis who is an Animal Communication Specialist. I must say it was quite an "interesting" seminar. He is a really nice guy & does hold your attention. I'm not sure that I quite "believe" but I do believe that some people are more in tune with "vibes" or whatever you want to call it and can possibly be capable of things that the "average" person isn't. ... I had brought Chloe with me. I asked him why she wouldn't get on the couch or bed with any of us. He closed his eyes, petted her while she was on his lap (he was sitting on the floor). After a few moments he said she "said" that she was too big to be up there with us but did like to lay her head across our laps and that the other one (Farley) just didn't care & that was why he was always getting up there with us. Farley wasn't with me. Actually she does do that - she will get on my lap and snuggle in with her head but her 2 back feet stay firmly planted on the floor. I was surprised with the reference to the other one since I hadn't mentioned Farley but I told him the reasoning was wrong - it wasn't that she felt she was too big - it was that she felt it was below her to have to share it with us! He then said perhaps that was it - that he doesn't hear "words" he sees pictures or scenes that he has to decipher. He said alot of the clients he has had over the years have been due to a behavioral issue with the dog that the owners have been unable to resolve. Some have been due to medical issues with the dog and the owner wanting to know if the dog felt it was their time to go to the bridge. He works not only with dogs, but cats, llamas, horses, etc. Here is a link to his website if any of you are interested in it: www.talktoyouranimals.co
Denise (Poodlesmom)