On Saying Goodbye

Your communication with our two dogs, Bubba and Phoenix, was extremely helpful. I can't begin to tell you what a profound impact it had on all of us. Bubba was able to be with us for many weeks after that and we were able to put him down with peace in our hearts. He taught us much about letting go.
Jennifer H
Albany, NY
I wanted to thank you again for coming to my house and helping me with my dog. On Monday Roxanne passed away at our home in my arms. Luckily, she was doing ok up until Sunday night. Being the kind of dog/friend she was, she knew we could not have taken her to the vet; she did it on her own. As you had said, she just wanted to spend as much time as she could with me and that's exactly what I did this summer. I took her for a short walk, brought her on our boat with my husband; hugged her and gave her a LOT of love. I just wanted to let you know your thoughts really helped me this summer; and now in my sadness they comfort me. Thank you.
Kathy C-S
Rotterdam, NY
Hi Dave, I've been meaning to check in with you, but it's been hard for me so far to even write about Kaytee. The day after our conversation, I made the appointment to have her put down. The most amazing beautiful thing was that I honestly know that she knew that I was going to do this, and even that it was okay with her. I will recommend you to anyone in need of your services. I had heard before how good you were, and what impressed me the most was your instant response. You helped me when I reached out. For that may you be blessed a thousand fold.
Rev. P Jackson
Montpelier, Idaho