Increased Understanding


Posted in the Hedgehog Fun Forum on Fri, 21 Mar 2003: David Louis ... came to visit today. Pinny, Meggie, Molly and I all tried out best to be good ambassadors for him to learn about hedgies and their slaves too. It was a great experience. Very positive. He talked with all three hedgies. (And also with Tiggy and Prickles in the great beyond. It was great to hear about them and their contentment.) Pinny and Meggie both came through to him in ways that coincided with previous contacts with Carol Schultz and Mary Baumstark. And it was so good to hear from Molly for the first time.
Naomi Wikane
We had the pleasure recently of a visit from David Louis, who communicated with our two rescue dogs. Our wonderful Willie, now 13 years old, was adopted from Pet Rescue more than 10 years ago, and Daisy, 6 years old, was rescued from a shelter 3 years ago. (They are both Shepherd mixes.) Watching the dogs' reactions to David was amazing! Daisy, who is very cautious with strangers, ran to the door when David arrived, jumped up onto him, and kissed him. Willie, who communicated to David that he is the neighborhood ambassador, (Everyone loves Willie. He is a very special spirit.) also told him how much he is loved by his family, and how grateful he is that we saved his life. With that, Willie got up from the floor, came over to me, gave me a kiss, and then went over to my husband to kiss him, before returning to David to continue his reading. When Willie's reading was completed, Daisy sat with David for hers. She told him of her fear of storms, and David explained to her that it's simply nature and that it cannot harm her. (Since then, Daisy has improved somewhat when it does storm.) Both dogs offered insights into their past, and they are both very happy with us and with each other. All in all, it was a wonderful experience.
Phyllis and Richard Karpp
Suffern, NY
Thank you for a wonderful phone session last evening. I still have lots to think about, everything you shared with me regarding ALL my pups is so beneficial in helping me heal and understand Molly and Maggie to the fullest. You truly possess an exceptional gift and I am so grateful that I was able to locate you. Thank you again.


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