In Spirit

Bob and I want to thank you very much for communicating messages from our big dog Max last week. Our reflections of that conversation really help us in these days of sadness and grief. You are absolutely amazing! Not only did you immediately bring up the exact cause of Max's illness; you hit on so many things that convinced us Max was really talking to us. So many things you said were so reflective of Max's demeanor and spirit. We cannot thank you enough for helping us to confirm that yes, our animal companions do live on in another form. I have already recommended you to others, and hope to consult with you again in the future. Each day he and I are doing a bit better, particularly because we are so comforted from the very special experience you allowed us last week. With our deepest gratitude...
Pam K.
Easton, CT
What a great comfort it is to hear those kind words Damien offered through you. You have helped me to see Damien's life and death as something beautiful to learn and grow from. Grief is the price we pay for love. Thank you for reminding me of that. I hope to speak to you again. Many Thanks.
Nancy F.
Keene, NH
What a pleasure it was getting to share the knowledge you're gifted with perceiving. What you told me about Faith and Otis was "dead on." Thank you for coming into our lives and sharing your gifts. I feel like you were an angel sent to me at a time I really needed one.
Tricia S.
Grand Cayman, British West Indies


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