Health and Wellbeing

On her lost dog... I am BLOWN away by your comments. I have to confess, I am sitting here crying, because it all seems so absolutely right and so true. You are amazing. I wish I had your gift, because I can't tell you how much this means to me. I am just so amazed and happy that he's okay.
Jill C-W
Uniondale, NY
The day you read Spot, I took your advice and got her right to the vet. She was indeed dehydrated and running a temp. Three days later we put her down. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. She is missed terribly. I know there will never be another cat quite like Spot. Thank you for your help.
Dear David, Thank you so much for meeting with me at my house in Pittsfield, MA. My sister and myself were so lucky to meet an angel like you to help me with my bull mastiff, Boogie. Everything you said was the truth and now I do not have to worry anymore. Thank god I do not have to put Boogie down. He is doing great and back on his meds. I still have to look into some more things you told me. He is much happier and so is my whole family. Please let me know when you start your class so my sister and I can sign up. Love you and god bless.
Laurie M.
Pittsfield, MA


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