Drake’s Dinner Discussion

Drake’s Dinner Discussion


The story below comes from Dorianne. She and her dog Drake were wonderful clients of mine… Enjoy!

I met David about 10 years ago when he was working with Penelope Smith teaching a course in Animal Communication.  Since that time, David has helped me with a number of my animal companions.  David has exceptional skills, and we have wonderful, comfortable sessions with easy flow of information when he works with my animals.  It has been such a pleasure to work with David, and I am so grateful for all his help!

DrakeOne session that stands out was with my Drake.  At the time Drake was 8 years old.  He was a rescue and had been living with us for about 4 months when David spoke with him.

One of the issues David talked with Drake about was Drake taking food off the kitchen counter.  Being a large dog, Drake would stand on his hind legs and could easily reach anything left there.  This happened frequently — several times a week!  Drake did not discriminate, the food could be raw or cooked, and included large wedges of cheese ~ even a stick of butter had “disappeared” !

David talked with Drake and we learned that Drake found people food very exciting.  He liked having tastes of different things, and he thought he was “very clever” in how he reached the food.

DrakeDrake wanted to know:  if he “asks nicely”, can he have some people food?

With David’s help, Drake and I made an agreement:

If Drake sits, is patient, and does not take food off the counter, I will give him some of our people food.

From that day forward, everything changed.  Drake would sit quietly, and I would give him some people food. If for some reason I forgot, Drake would shift his position, make loud breathing sounds, and add a quiet whimper or two to get my attention.  Once he caught my attention, he would look directly into my eyes and then look at the plate that had the people food.  Finally I would realize that I forgot, and come through with his reward.

What was very impressive to me about this was that we never practiced this new behavior.  From the very day of our session with David, Drake just started sitting and waiting, without any prompting from me.  Even if the food was within easy reach and no one was around to stop him, Drake would not touch the food.  I would find him just sitting and staring at the food.

From the day of our session with David, and for the next 5 years until he crossed over, Drake never again took food from the counter.  And he always held me to my end of the agreement.


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