Behavior and Performance

Posted in The Furum: 02/28/05 Yesterday I went to a seminar sponsored by the obed[ience] school we go [to]. It was David Louis who is an Animal Communication Specialist. I must say it was quite an "interesting" seminar. He is a really nice guy & does hold your attention. I'm not sure that I quite "believe" but I do believe that some people are more in tune with "vibes" or whatever you want to call it and can possibly be capable of things that the "average" person isn't. ... I had brought Chloe with me. I asked him why she wouldn't get on the couch or bed with any of us. He closed his eyes, petted her while she was on his lap (he was sitting on the floor). After a few moments he said she "said" that she was too big to be up there with us but did like to lay her head across our laps and that the other one (Farley) just didn't care & that was why he was always getting up there with us. Farley wasn't with me. Actually she does do that - she will get on my lap and snuggle in with her head but her 2 back feet stay firmly planted on the floor. I was surprised with the reference to the other one since I hadn't mentioned Farley but I told him the reasoning was wrong - it wasn't that she felt she was too big - it was that she felt it was below her to have to share it with us! He then said perhaps that was it - that he doesn't hear "words" he sees pictures or scenes that he has to decipher. He said alot of the clients he has had over the years have been due to a behavioral issue with the dog that the owners have been unable to resolve. Some have been due to medical issues with the dog and the owner wanting to know if the dog felt it was their time to go to the bridge. He works not only with dogs, but cats, llamas, horses, etc. Here is a link to his website if any of you are interested in it:
Denise (Poodlesmom)
David, You worked with my cat last Thursday. He doesn't seem quite as frantic as in the past. Yesterday, he acted as if he was about to urinate on the floor, but stopped immediately when I said his name assertively. He didn't urinate in any inappropriate places while I was at work today (he frequently used to do that when left alone.)
Dan K.
Albany, NY
You were so much help with CeCe. By the way, she has settled down and grown less aggressive and more confident. She was the first Airedale in the country to get her Rally Obedience title. Three shows in two days over New Years.
Chris S
Rochester, NY


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