Soothing a Dog with Baby Talk

Soothing a Dog with Baby Talk


Miles by Kim Clune
I had a sweet thing happen to me recently. I was working at Peaceful Inspirations, with a woman and her 5 year old male shepherd mix. Beautiful dog, all black, medium size, and wary of me. He barked at me a couple of times, and otherwise stayed close to his mom and didn’t strain his leash.

I got from him that he was pushing a lot of adrenaline. He was in a constant state of hyper-alertness. I could feel that this had to do with his early upbringing, as though he didn’t get the nurturing he needed from his mom when he was a puppy. I heard that his person mom needed to give him puppy affection, even so much as to say to him, “Where’s my puppy?” in a baby talk voice.

I was a little embarrassed to say it to his mom the way I heard it in my head, in a baby talk voice, but I knew that was what was going to help him, so I told her, “You need to say to him, just like this, ‘Where’s my puppy?’”

When her dog heard me say it in that baby talk voice, he got up and walked over to me on the other side of the table! As if to say, “Here I am,” this dog that wouldn’t come near me walked right over to answer my call. And later on he comes under the table to lick my hand while I’m talking to his mom.

I always say, it’s all about love. And sometimes the answer is the simplest thing. And sometimes love is the simplest thing.

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