David Louis, Animal Communicator

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My life’s mission is to bring you and your animals together to facilitate healing, happiness and improved communication.

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Learn how animal communication can help you with your pet's relationship, behavior, crossing over and more.

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David Louis, Animal Communicator

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Learn how animal communication has helped the pets David has met.

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Welcome to the wonderful and awe-inspiring world of animal communication. I hope you will enjoy it as I do.

My work as an animal communication specialist is the most powerful, most enjoyable and deeply fulfilling work I have ever done. I am honored to get to know so many wonderful, unique beings of other species, and to learn how they think and feel, how they see themselves and their world.

I view my work as sacred, honoring the deep connection of all life; a connection which human animals have, to our peril, largely forgotten.

Although many clients experience my work as enjoyable, its purpose is not entertainment; it is a loving, compassionate, respectful means to honor our animal friends and companions, and to bring healing and improved communication between them and their humans. The results of my animal communication sessions are always fascinating and often remarkable. Once you begin to communicate with your animal friends, your life will never be the same. And neither will theirs.

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David has studied Interspecies Telepathic Communication extensively with Penelope Smith, the movement’s founder. David is one of only six male animal communication professionals listed in the international Directory of Interspecies Telepathic Communicators. He has appeared on radio and television in the Northeast U.S. One of only several hundred animal communicators worldwide, David maintains an international practice in Wynantskill, NY, where he lives with his wife, three dogs, and four cats.